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Little Havana's Big Impact in Florida
"John McCain actually fought the Communists, which in Miami goes a long way." - CBS News/The Weekly Standard more

The Florida Primaries
McCain and Romney neck and neck in Florida, Giuliani slips to third more

A Florida Miracle
SEA is different than most any other polling company you will find. In today's market, you will find pollsters without much if any actual campaign experience and you will find consultants without much if any actual polling experience. At SEA, we combine decades of polling experience with decades of actual campaign experience.

With over three decades of polling - domestic and international, from town boards presidents, we have the experience to ensure that you are receiving only the highest quality of data.

Once we've delivered, high quality, reliable results to you, we are able to make specific recommendations to your campaign team. Our recommendations are based on key findings that will help you achieve your goal -- Message points, strengths, weaknesses, areas of opportunity and vulnerability -- Not just a regurgitation of data cycled through PowerPoint. Our campaign experience will translate those recommendations into tactics.

We believe in telling our clients precisely what strategy and tactics we believe are called for as a result of the poll's findings - something we view as essential to achieving your goals. Too many pollsters today (or their interns) write 60-page reports chock full of meaningless sentences and charts that painfully explain the obvious. Our reports are about winning campaigns not deforesting Oregon. For the record, we love Oregon!