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Little Havana's Big Impact in Florida
"John McCain actually fought the Communists, which in Miami goes a long way." - CBS News/The Weekly Standard more

The Florida Primaries
McCain and Romney neck and neck in Florida, Giuliani slips to third more

A Florida Miracle

Polling for Both Sides of the Brain

As you are well aware, there are dozens of pollsters around the nation who are highly qualified to simply conduct a public opinion poll. However, simply conducting a survey and translating the results into successful strategic recommendations is a too-often disconnected outcome in the polling profession today.

We utilize high quality data and carefully planned survey methodology to help our clients design specific strategies and tactics... strategies and tactics which ultimately help attain victory.

SEA is focused on:

  • Qualitative Emphasis
    - At SEA, we have always placed a high emphasis on ...Read more» qualitative research. In the early 90s while many pollsters were happy to shoehorn the words of respondents into code books which they could spit back out in quantitative tables, we developed software that allowed us to preserve the words of respondents so everyone could see exactly what the respondents were thinking… in their own words. That software has been modified significantly over the 15 years since its inception but the approach is still the same. How long have we felt this way? Let’s put it like this. The first version of this software ran in DOS.

  • Limited Client Load
    - At SEA, we are not about signing clients in every state...Read more» We do not farm out projects to junior staff. We make a personal investment in our clients that goes far beyond the office. A large staff is no substitute for the hands on attention of an experienced pollster. We will not take on more clients than we can handle. Period.

  • Legends of Polling
    - Rob Schroth worked first with Sergio Bendixen and...Read more» acquired a reputation as one the nation’s leading polling authorities on Hispanic polling... but more on that later. Rob then partnered with the founder of modern political polling in America if not the world Bill Hamilton.

  • The Mechanics of Polling
    - At SEA, we have learned the profession from the...Read more» ground up. Working with Bill Hamilton in his Washington DC headquarters, we could monitor firsthand the data being collected over the phone, sample being administered, data punched. This was before CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing). I told you we’ve been doing this a long time.

Every public relations battle can be won... if only the keys to victory can be uncovered. Learn more about how we approach every project.