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Little Havana's Big Impact in Florida
"John McCain actually fought the Communists, which in Miami goes a long way." - CBS News/The Weekly Standard more

The Florida Primaries
McCain and Romney neck and neck in Florida, Giuliani slips to third more
In 2006, the Florida Democratic Party recorded what is called by some “the biggest year in the history of the party” flipping seven seat and successfully defending every Democratic seat including a district in North Florida that everyone had written off as lost to the GOP. Roll-over the red pushpins to see what happened in that city.


Florida HD 11 – Debbie Boyd 51, David Pope 49
Debbie Boyd’s shocking upset proves that a Democrat can win in rural north Florida


Florida HD 69 - Keith Fitzgerald 51, Anna Benson 49
Keith Fitzgerald appealed to moderate Republicans to win in a majority Republican district.


Florida HD 36 Scott Randolph 61, Sheri McInvale 39
Challenging Republican extremism, Scott Randolph handedly defeats long-time incumbent Sheri McInvale

West St. Petersburg

Florida HD 51 – Janet Long 51, Dottie Reeder 49
Janet Long outworks former Seminole Mayor Dottie Reeder to close the gap in a tight swing district

East St. Petersburg

Florida HD 52 – Bill Heller 54, Angelo Capelli 46
Strong support from local Republicans help Bill Heller make short work of Angelo Capelli

Ft. Lauderdale

Florida HD 97 –Martin Kiar 53, Susan Goldstein 47
Hard work and core Democratic values push Martin Kair over the top against incumbent Susan Goldstein


Florida HD 107 – Luis Garcia 52, Frank Carollo 48
Luis Garcia goes into Little Havana and proves a Democrat can win in a Cuban-American district.

Key West

Florida HD 120 – Ron Saunders 57, David Rice 43
Ron Saunders worked his old magic to win over moderate Republicans in the central Keys en route to a landslide victory.