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Little Havana's Big Impact in Florida
"John McCain actually fought the Communists, which in Miami goes a long way." - CBS News/The Weekly Standard more

The Florida Primaries
McCain and Romney neck and neck in Florida, Giuliani slips to third more

A Florida Miracle

In The News

"Giuliani has gone from a prohibitive favorite to a second-tier candidate" - Thomas Eldon, The Miami Herald Jan 24, 2008
"Giuliani's decision to pull out of the early states could be one of the worst political moves in history." - Thomas Eldon, The Independent, Jan 25, 2008
"The property tax amendment appears headed to victory... Charlie Crist is hitting it hard. The only problem is, no one's hitting it back -- there's no one on TV for the no side. When you own the stage, and you already have 55 percent, you're in good shape." - Thomas Eldon, The Miami Herald Jan 25, 2008

Florida News

The Florida Primaries

Florida District Map

As seen in UK papers The Daily Telegraph and The Independent

The Florida Poll returns

On Sunday November 11th, The Florida Poll returns. Please visit these news outlets for details:

St. Petersburg Times/Bay News 9 polls

What do Florida voters think about the performance of Gov. Charlie Crist, their preferences among presidential candidates and the options for cutting taxes?

Another House Victory in Florida

Florida District Map